CFO & Swiss Army Knife

Fabiola is our Dedicated Special Tasks Agent, making sure sure that we don’t forget about the important stuff.

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Founder & Chief Troublemaker (CEO)

As a leader, she drives us to do our best and forms the heart and soul of this company.

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Relationship Manager & Sales Superstar

Creating a successful business starts with good relationships — they are our most important asset.

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Cleaning Ninja (Cleaning Supervisor)

Our customer satisfaction is her primary goal.

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Support Heroe & Happiness Inspector

He tries to see a positive side of everything and stays calm regardless of the situation.

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Dr Seuss (Physician & Orthopedic Surgeon)

He'll help you move freely & live without pain; his care, attitude, and results are unique and simply awesome.

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R.I.P "Patch" Bones Adams (Main Surgeon)

He was a great and empathetic listener, always giving the extra mile for his patient's well-being.

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