Founder & Chief Troublemaker (CEO)

As a leader, she drives us to do our best and forms the heart and soul of this company.

Her openness to new ideas and ways of working is exactly why Black Cactus is such a dynamic company; she is always searching, learning and inspiring everyone to grow and break barriers.

"As a friend that I would love to become, I’ll guide you with my expertise, so you could take advantage and enjoy what fits your goals & enrich your lifestyle. My mission is to simplify your life; think of me as an extra pair of hands or an extra mind. I’ll help you find the right connections for anything you need, in the knowledge that everything is being looked after.

I place my emphasis on forging beneficial and positive relationships that serve as the groundwork for a high level of trust, looking for ways to align like-minded people to help them get what they want.

I understand everyone’s journey is different, and promise to listen to you; whether you’re looking for some help with your property bookings, local activities, business opportunities or even a trustworthy dentist, I love that it is my job to help people find what they need to make them feel at home; it has become a rewarding experience.

‘My life motto is ‘If you don't like how things are, change it! You're not a 'cactus'!" - Priscila E.