Property Management

Travel like an expert, experience as a local.

As travel-lovers, we know how to meet the expectations and needs of any guest, but our experience as owners and hosts leads us to obtain truly significant metrics related to costs, activities, and performance, to offer our clients a WIN-WIN scheme in the administration of their properties.


Assigning assets and locations on a floor-plan or checklist, helps me inspect each progress and status. ¿Our result? Faster maintenance and less administrative overhead.

  • A full audit of property inspection and maintenance, by our team or any other subcontractor.
  • Attend issues before hitting a bottom line.
  • Identify all the values/furniture of the property to keep everything checked and in place.


A warm welcome might be a small, but important piece in providing a memorable guest experience at your property: A couple of emergency contact numbers, rules & a couple of tips to ensure a great review and returning guests (what to do on rainy days, best shrimp in town, local markets, events, etc.)

My personalized 'Welcome Books' includes info that any guest would love to have:

  • House rules: To encourage our guests to treat your property as if it were their own.
  • Emergency contacts
  • Passwords
  • Local activities
  • Discounts & promotions
  • Prices for any extra service: transportation, laundry, daily cleaning, nanny, pet cleaning/care, private chefs, massages, grocery shopping, etc.


Keeping the property habitable and in safe conditions is a must, that's why we should always consider emergency savings for:

  • Property Maintenance: Performing preventative property maintenance to keep the property running smoothly and in top condition.
  • Repairs: When an issue comes up, we'll help you with a large network of experts who can solve anything.


 We understand that renting out a property isn't just a case of clicking a few buttons, It's way more personal than that. To give you peace of mind, we keep ourselves working to improve all our available tools and services, giving you full control over the property & any guest.

You'll have full access to our file storage in Google Drive, where we keep a detailed record of bills, documents, incomes, and expenses on each property.

Other services: 

  • Cleaning Service.
  • Pre-arrival grocery stock-up.
  • Weekly/Monthly home inspections.
  • Bill Payment: CFE, water, gas, internet, cable TV, etc.
  • Meet and greet, during check-in/check-out for rentals.
  • Attend condo meetings on your behalf, keeping you informed on any detail.
  • Maintenance & repair supervision.
  • Photography and listing of your home.
  • Help leasing your property on BLACKCACTUS site & major websites like Airbnb.
  • Concierge service for tenants.

We know each budget it's unique, and we are open to adjusting our fees according to the roles that we would be performing daily.