02 Jul

The claim: Hot sauce... for a hot day?

Watermelon, coconut, ceviche, frappe, ice cream, gazpacho, salad, and... hot peppers? Yup! 

Some foods can have a cooling effect, and it seems that chili is one of them. It might sound nonsense, but anyone who’s had some tacos with extra hot sauce will know why, and considering many of the world’s spiciest cuisines are found in warm climates, it seems legit. 

Its crazy but yet simple: we Mexicans 'fight fire with fire'; hot peppers contain capsaicin, a chemical that when eaten heats up the body till you start sweating. Through sweat evaporation, we remove heat from our bodies. So, while cold food will only cool you down for a short spell, hot chilies provide a more long-term cooling. 

Even due to this Mexican remedy, to sweat we must remain hydrated, so please drink plenty of water!